Patrick James Church

September 22, 1959 ~ May 2, 1998

My beloved brother.  

A tall, slim, blue-eyed blond guy.  

The eyelashes on his left eye were naturally two-toned blond and brown, 

brown roots and blond tips.  

His right eyelashes were also two-toned, but divided in the middle, 

blond on the right half, brown on the left.   

He could see right through me.

He was warm, caring and innocent; an excellent auto mechanic, among many other things.  

He could figure out the answer to any problem...except how to be happy.

How I wish he hadn't decided to leave.  We think about him and miss him every single day.

The website he created  Feb. 1 - 3, 1997,  but never finished or uploaded is 

here for you to see.  Not all of the links work.